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I help innovative organisations create meaningful and rewarding applied learning experiences. 

In an uncertain and complex world, we must create new learning experiences rooted in real-world applications and spaces that encourage joyful learning, experiencing, and reflective growth.

The Future of Education & Learning is Experiential
Here to support with:
  • Entrepreneurship Programme Design & Management 
  • Leadership and Organisational Development Programmes
  • Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR)
  • Bespoke Workshops on various topics:
    • From idea to prototype using no-code tools
    • Building an enduring mindset and business
    • Prototype thinking 
    • Customer discovery & validation
    • Startup pitch training 
    • Leading with confidence​
    • Creating high-performing teams
    • Design Thinking, Human Centered Design to create user-centric products
    • Social Emotional Intelligence for Educators & Leaders
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My intention, when creating new products, programmes or workshops is to leave participants feeling that they can:

Navigate change and uncertainty with confidence.



Award-Winning Social Entrepreneur

Enterprise Educator | Speaker | Facilitator 

From a young age, I was drawn to the world of entrepreneurship. It all started with a small fundraising project when I was 16, where I quickly learned the value of teamwork, leadership and the sheer joy of turning an idea into reality. 

Falling in love with the small business world felt like discovering a hidden gem. I was fascinated by the freedom of creativity, the excitement of turning obstacles and challenges into opportunities, and being able to have a real impact   - I knew this was where I belonged. 

I bring my 8+ years of leadership experience, creating high-performing teams and unique insights when designing any new products or programmes. 

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Featured Work


Joe Margetts, Entrepreneur In Residence

Westner Sydney University

Ioana was a fundamental pillar in building the National Collaborative Outreach Programme (NCOP) at UCB and led the design and delivery of new learning initiatives for secondary school and college students. Ioana's insight on this programme was consistently forward-thinking and innovative. Ioana continually amazes me with her relentless passion for education.

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