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The gap between education and jobs is exacerbated by limited innovation in learning systems, which were largely designed to mirror factory-style growth models. 

There is a growing disconnect between education systems and labour markets. Many of today’s youth will work in new job types that do not yet exist yet or will wish to start their own business. The focus now should be on evolving our learning systems with an emphasis on entrepreneurial, digital, and social-emotional skills in the coming years.

Without action, the next generation will be unprepared for the needs of the future, creating risks for both productivity and social cohesion. There is an opportunity for public and private sector leaders to co-create education systems that deliver on children’s needs for the future.


Our Learning Solutions

Personal Development

Unfold: a journey to your personal transformation

Get a better understanding of who you are, what you want, and start living your personal vision of happiness and success.

Have you ever thought about: 

What do YOU really want to experience in this life? 

How can you start creating a life that YOU absolutely love? 

UNFOLD will become your lighthouse, that will show you the way. 

Schools, Colleges & Higher Education

Entrepreneurship Programme Design &  Curriculum Development

Empowering institutions and organisations to help students become active participants in their own learning journey. 

Creating and leading on programme design to equip your students with key transferrable skills and relevant experiences. Our professional development programme will give your students a competitive advantage in the job market or when starting their own business.

Start-ups & Corporate Organisations

Learning, Training and High Performing Teams Workshops

Imagine a world in which all organisations have cultures that empower people to climb towards the best version of themselves every day.

Workshop topics covered:
*Creating an Impactful Employer Value Proposition 
*Moonshot Thinking for High Performing Teams 
*Cultivating a Learning Culture


About Ioana

Everything Ioana does is designed to catalyse growth in others.

Ioana's drive comes from her curiosity to question the status quo. Her passion is to design transformational learning environments for people of all ages.

No matter the age or the challenge: raising children, upgrading our current education system, upskilling employees or unlocking individuals'  true potential: Learning Never Stops. 

Ioana has a rich experience of implementing various learning modalities, combining these with tech and behavioural psychology in designing leading learning programmes for public and private organisations.

Throughout her professional career, Ioana has been contributing to a wide variety of projects: leading on the design and delivery of the National Collaborative Outreach Programme at University College Birmingham; created innovative programmes focusing on Digital Skills and Entrepreneurship; and then leading on the delivery of business support programmes and working with ambitious and driven small business owners and entrepreneurs at Aston Business School.  

Ioana is a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, an award granted to individuals that have made an outstanding contribution to social progress and development.


I do not believe it to be an overstatement when I say that this experience has been 'life changing' for some of our students.

The whole approach of delivering workshops to build a set of skills, then working in consultation with local businesses, developing ideas and resources and building towards a final presentation - reflects real thought and care about how to make this a valuable learning experience for our students.

Ian Cornell, Assitant Headteacher - Head of 6th Form, Park Hall Academy, UK

Past Work

Exceptional Partnerships

Park Hall Academy

Digital Marketing Programme

Designed and developed a bespoke digital marketing training programme for 6th form students at Park Hall Academy.

University College Birmingham

National Collaborative Outreach Programme (NCOP)

Lead on the development of the outreach programme at UCB with the aim of enhancing the students' experience and their skills to prepare them for the world beyond school and college.

Be the Business

Productivity through People progamme

Be the Business is a not-for-profit movement helping every firm in the UK improve their performance.


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