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Ioana was a fundamental pillar in building the National Collaborative Outreach Programme (NCOP) at University College Birmingham and led the design and delivery of new learning initiatives for secondary school and college students. Ioana's insight on this programme was consistently forward-thinking and innovative. Ioana continually amazes me with her relentless passion for education. I look forward to working with her again in the near future.

Joe Margetts, Lecturer and Consultant in Entreprise and Entrepreneurship

Ioana and I worked closely together on the NCOP project at UCB. Her passion and drive was second to none, with Ioana always seeking new and innovative ways to support and engage pupils. I'm yet to meet anyone else that is able to merge ambition and creativity with exceptional networking skills to achieve optimal outcomes. Her leadership in our team also enabled us all to excel both professionally and personally - something for which we are all thankful for. Ioana was brilliant to work with and I'm delighted to remain in touch with her both as a friend but also as a mentor.

Alex Garner, NCOP Project Officer

I do not believe it to be an overstatement when I say that this experience has been 'life changing' for some of our students.

The whole approach of delivering workshops to build a set of skills, then working in consultation with local businesses, developing ideas and resources and building towards a final presentation - reflects real thought and care about how to make this a valuable learning experience for our students

Ian Cornell, Assistant Headteacher - Head of 6th Form, Park Hall Academy, UK



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