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Early Years 


The blueprint of a child’s well-being is largely set within the first seven years of life, shaping their emotional, social, and cognitive development profoundly. During this pivotal phase, children are highly receptive and their experiences during these years can have a lasting impact on their adult lives.

Today's children are growing up in a high-tech world, leading to increased screen time and a decline in essential life skills such as emotional intelligence, social interaction, and personal well-being. Many parents and educators struggle with the consequences of digital overuse, such as social isolation and emotional disconnection. The need for a balanced educational approach that fosters emotional growth and practical life skills, without further contributing to screen dependency, is more crucial than ever.

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Recognising these challenges, my team & I created:  Play Moments. It is a science-based, award-winning application designed to promote social-emotional development through off-screen, interactive activities.

In crafting Play Moments, our approach is rooted in design thinking and the principles of MIT’s u.lab, which emphasises "leading from the emerging future." This methodology involves deeply understanding the needs and challenges faced by children, parents, and educators today and envisioning future possibilities that lead to innovative solutions. We engage in iterative cycles of prototyping, testing, and feedback, ensuring that every feature of the app not only meets the current needs of our users but also adapts to the evolving educational landscape.


The app guides users through a variety of play-based activities such as arts and crafts, physical exercises, and role-playing games. These activities are structured to encourage positive emotional and social growth, enabling children to develop key life skills in a natural, engaging way.


Play Moments offers a unique solution by combining the convenience and accessibility of digital guidance with the benefits of physical participation. The app serves as a digital companion that encourages off-screen interactions, fostering a holistic development environment. By integrating emotional learning into daily routines, Play Moments helps children develop self-awareness, empathy, and resilience, thereby preparing them for a well-rounded future. This approach not only reduces screen time but also enhances the quality of family time, making learning a joyous part of everyday life.

Awards & achievements

🏆 Anjal Z Techstars Founder Catalyst Program 2023 - Abu Dhabi ECA
🏆 Draper University 2023 Scholarship - Silicon Valley, US
🏆 Women in Tech 2023 Winner - Tech West Midlands, UK
🏆 Future Face of Education and Public Sector Award Finalist 2022 - Birmingham Chamber of Commerce
🏆 Innovators for Children Accelerator Winner 2022 (Impact Hub)
🏆 Most Promising Start-up 2022 (RubikHub)

Additional products


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