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Digital Incubator Programme


Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) presents a vibrant landscape brimming with untapped potential and a rich talent pool eager to transition from traditional economies to innovative, market-driven ecosystems. The region stands at the cusp of transformation, ready to harness entrepreneurial education to ignite economic growth, stimulate innovation, and enhance global competitiveness. There is a unique opportunity to reshape the economic narrative by empowering a new generation of entrepreneurs equipped to navigate and succeed in a rapidly evolving global marketplace.



Our program took a sprint-based approach, breaking down learning into fast, intensive phases that focused on rapid development and real-world application. We emphasised practical tasks that not only taught the theory but also allowed participants to put these ideas into action immediately. This hands-on experience was crucial for setting the right foundations in entrepreneurial thinking and skills. By the end of the programme, participants were well-prepared to navigate the complexities of their market with a robust toolkit of strategies and practices. 


We brought the world to our participants' doorsteps. Our speakers, carefully selected from a pool of internationally acclaimed experts and industry leaders, provided a wealth of knowledge and experience. This rich resource equipped our startups with innovative tools and practices used by successful enterprises worldwide. Through collaborative challenges and personalised mentoring, participants transformed their ambitious visions into executable strategies.


 European Enterprise Promotion Awards (EEPA)

Category 1 Winners: Promoting the Entrepreneurial Spirit

The European Enterprise Promotion Awards (EEPA) are a prestigious celebration of innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe. These awards recognise outstanding projects and initiatives from across the continent that promote entrepreneurship, support business development, and drive innovation. 


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Additional programme design & delivery


Small Business Support Programmes

At Aston University's Centre for Growth, I've led the delivery of small business growth initiatives through the Productivity through People programme and the Minerva Birmingham Pitch Up competition. These programs boost SME leadership skills and connect entrepreneurs with investors, supporting them in crafting actionable growth strategies and enhancing their market presence​.


Startup Business Support Programmes - Accelerator

I led the design inception of the MSDUK Accelerator, launched in 2021. It was created to support and empower ethnic minority entrepreneurs through a comprehensive four-month program. It offers a dynamic and supportive network to help businesses validate their business assumptions and scale up.


Youth Entrepreneurship Workshops and Programmes

Youth entrepreneurship, paired with design thinking, effectively addressed community challenges. This method enabled young entrepreneurs to understand and innovate within their communities, creating practical, sustainable solutions through prototypes and tests. These community-led projects not only developed critical skills among the youth but also empowered local areas to actively influence their growth and resolve issues.



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